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At Visit Africa Limited, we understand that a safari is a journey of a lifetime, and our commitment is to ensure that your safari surpasses all expectations. Our team of expert specialists, fueled by a genuine passion for safaris, is dedicated to providing you with honest and well-informed advice.

Whether you're in search of the renowned big five, seeking an exclusive adventure, or desiring a tranquil retreat, we have the perfect itinerary for everyone. Embark on a safari with us to explore the captivating landscapes of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zanzibar, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Seychelles, Mauritius, and Southern Africa.

Our specialization lies in tailor-made safaris, allowing you to customize your experience according to your preferences. Alternatively, you can choose from one of our popular safari packages, crafted to cater to diverse tastes and interests.

Visit Africa Limited has been a proud member of the Kenya Association of Tour Operators since 1985, reflecting our commitment to upholding industry standards. With 40 years of dedicated service, we have consistently exceeded expectations, ensuring that each safari with us is a remarkable and unforgettable journey.

About us?


Visit Africa Limited stands as a well-established company, specializing in providing unparalleled experiences for visitors who seek accommodation in superior safari lodges, luxury tented camps, and hotels. The management of the company rests in the hands of Heather-Gail de Souza, a seasoned professional with extensive expertise in various facets of the tourism industry in Kenya.

The inception of Visit Africa Ltd traces back to the visionary Lewis de Souza, who was born in Nairobi and raised on the fringes of Kenya's Tsavo West National Park, fondly known as "the heart of wildlife." In April 1984, Visit Africa was officially incorporated, with Lewis's daughter, Heather-Gail de Souza, also joining the family business. Heather, a wildlife enthusiast, completed her Masters degree at The University of Surrey, UK, and accrued 12 years of experience working in various countries, including the Middle East and the United Kingdom.

Our company takes pride in its solid reputation for delivering quality and reliability, cultivated over many years of prioritizing the highest level of customer service and care. To ensure a seamless safari experience, Visit Africa owns and maintains its fleet of four-wheel-drive Toyota Land Cruiser Jeeps. Equipped with long-range VHF radios for efficient communication in the parks, each vehicle carries two spare wheels. Speed governors are installed, limiting speeds to 80 KPH, and car tracking systems allow real-time monitoring from our headquarters in Nairobi.

Our luxury vehicles, designed for 2 or 4 guests, provide extra legroom and come with 7 window seats. To optimize space, we kindly request our clients to adhere to the 15kg soft duffel bag allowance rule, as hard cases are not suitable for safari travel.

All safaris are conducted using modern, purpose-built safari vehicles, accompanied by experienced driver guides. Vehicles maintain radio contact with each other, facilitating communication on game sightings and keeping in touch with our Nairobi office. Whether exploring the Masai Mara, Amboseli, Tsavo, Ngorongoro, Serengeti, or Selous in Tanzania, you are assured of top-notch service and quality throughout.

Accommodations during your safari are curated in some of the finest available options, blending African architecture seamlessly into the surroundings. You can also opt for a unique experience with Kuhama, a mobile luxury camp pitched where the animals migrate, providing all the comforts and amenities for an unforgettable night under the African skies in a tent.

Our philosophy

The company has a philosophy of supporting sustainable tourism and is a keen follower of the Kenyan conservation movement. It firmly believes that the world as inherited by our parents and must be protected for the benefit of our children and their children.


“We have proved ourselves in Kenya as being one of the most reliable and respected destination management Tour companies in Kenya.” All enquiries are answered personally, professionally and within 24 hours.

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