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Our Philosophy

The company has a philosophy of supporting sustainable tourism and is a keen follower of the Kenyan conservation movement. It firmly believes that the world as inherited by our parents and must be protected for the benefit of our children and their children.

“We have proved ourselves in Kenya as being one of the most reliable and respected destination management Tour companies in Kenya.” All enquiries are answered personally, professionally and within 24 hours.

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Fact About


I am the fastest runner among the big cats and the most elegant hunter on the plains. My lithe build enables me to chase down fast antelopes that I prey on. We live alone or with our cubs and sometimes male cheetahs band together in twos and threes. Our populations are very fragmented today as we are losing a lot of habitat to human activity.

Fact About


I am the largest land animal in the world. I live in family groups and spend a lot of time searching for and eating food. We feed on grass and leaves and because of our large bodies, have to eat a lot of food, blow dust and play with. I can also use my tusks to dig for water and roots. I am one of the most important species on the savannah. Range: Throughout East Africa in forest, bush and savannah-grassland national parks.

Fact About


I am the tallest animal in the world! I am also the most graceful creature on the savannah. With my long neck I can reach for juice leaves and twigs well out of reach of other hungry mouths. I live in small groups, but we come and go as we please, constantly changing members. Our young are cared for in crèche-watched over by an adult. We are gentle creatures and males settle disputes with ritualized necking dances. Range: Northern Uganda, northern, central and southern Kenya,north-central and western Tanzania in Savannahs.

Fact About

Thompson’s Gazelle

I am petite and lively gazelle. I am very smartly dressed in my tan coat with a black strip across my middle. I am more commonly known as ‘tommy’ and can be told apart from other gazelles by my black sides and black tail, which I wag constantly. We live in herds and spend about half of our time grazing and the rest napping. Range: high short-grass plains of southern and central Kenya and northern Tanzania.

Fact About

Black Rhino

I am a shy and a secretive creature of the thick acacia bush. I was hunted to near extinction for my horn, With my hooked lip I browse on shrubs and leafy herbs. I am mostly a loner except when a mother with young. Our numbers are decreasing. Range: Nairobi, Tsavo, Aberdares, Lake Nakuru, Meru and Laikipia in Kenya, Ngorongoro and Selous in Tanzania.


Seek and you shall find.